Tuesday, September 13, 2011

missoni at target...going going gone!

My Missoni purchases this morning.

It's been on my calendar for weeks....I even had my phone alarm set to remind myself...
Missoni for Target premieres September 13!
As you read this the stores are pretty much picked over.
Target's web site crashed.
I thought I was so smart arriving at 9:15.
I walked in to a view of mostly empty racks with a dangling skirt, 
few silky tops and an extra large shift dress.
So I browse through the store hoping to secure some home goods.
Still very picked over but I find a few things.
Then score!
My friend sends me a text across the store
that the dressing rooms are full of early shopper rejects!

I did pretty well...
Now I have to figure what I can allow myself to keep.

1 comment:

  1. Love love love the purse.

    The little girl shoes will be toast in 1 day.

    I loved the jacket for little girls too, but not at $44.

    Hope you used your Target card and got 5% off ;)