Tuesday, June 28, 2011

our lovely soiree 8 years today

8 years ago today I was getting ready
for our wedding on Martha's Vineyard.

Place cards strung on a clothes line.

The perfect casual beach house.

Invitations edged in sand.

Save-the-date packets making it easy
for guests to make arrangements.

6 years of working in a florist pays off,
I made my own centerpieces.

Our perfect bridal party: my sister + Pete's 3 kids.

This photo was used in a 'Destination Weddings'
article in Cape Cod Life.

Pete + his girls.

My nephew Jack, our ring bearer

The night was perfect!
We still talk about it.

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  1. we still talk about it too -just handed over my pink black dog T to Emilie and told her to be good to it - great memories - it all wrapped up to be the Quintessential everything.