Tuesday, March 8, 2011

painted gray cabinets

Until my dream kitchen,
I continue to try and improve my not-so-dreamy one.
My husband says even though the kitchen isn't great,
the food that comes out is...which might further the renovation.
Who thought cooking well could be held against you?
My kitchen cabinets are now
freshened up with Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray,
A friend told me it felt french, sounds good to me!



  1. I love the cabinets! And, Pete's right about the food. :)

  2. Looks great Joelle! And look...you got a pillow for my favorite spot. Can't wait to eat that great food. See you soon! XO

  3. love the gray.....i've been loving gray for the last year or so. I persuaded my boss to paint the walls in the office at work a similar gray. Looks great with white accents! We used white molding. It completely freshens up your kitchen for sure ..your ceramics pieces pop!
    ps. food you make out of any kitchen is delish!

  4. Ok, you are insane! This looks fantastic!!!!!!! Perfect compliment and a good fix till the full remodel. Love the grey!!

  5. wow! What a transformation! Love it!!!

  6. They look AMAZING!!! Don't you wish you would have thought to do it sooner! What a difference