Wednesday, October 6, 2010

color collections: persimmon

Oh how I love the color orange for fall!
Mix in a little red and you've updated to persimmon!

1. Clementine Beads Fabric by Hable Construction, 2. PLY Print Blocks at Modernseed
3. Spring sunset out my father-in-law's window, Siesta Key, FL.,
4. Stella McCartney Ribbed Dress at Bergdorf Goodman,
5. Diane von Furstenberg Victoria Long Gloves at Bergdorf Goodman,
6. Marimekko Madison Bedding, Crate&Barrell, 7. Eames Rocker, Modernseed,
8. Martini Side Table by West Elm, 9. Laura Kirar L'Eau Commode by Baker Furniture,
10. Kate Spade Small Valerie at Kate Spade,
11. Westwood Tapestry Cushion by The Rug Company,
12. Bokja Swivel Stool at ABC Home,
13. Twirl Karolina by Kate Spade
14. Etro Paisley-Print Cashmere Cape at Neiman Marcus,
15. Big Heart by Fabulous Stationary

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE orange too - all the time :) digging the Bokja Swivel stool - cool! Can't wait to hit up ABC in a couple weeks!